The Beast 02_kl

The Beast

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  Started to paint the Beastman 3 years ago on the painting class by Georg Damm in Berlin. Now, 3 years later, I´m conducting workshops with him together and we are good friends also. So …


Ireny Sorun – The red Stalker

shauke Miniatures

  What will follow after the end? Hope of freedom … A lovely miniature by I like the atmosphere of the Stalker and with the two fingers in the air, which one shows the …


Chief of Tribes

shauke Busts, Miniatures

  My lovely girlfriend always asked me to paint something for her. She loves apes and so I started three weeks before christmas 2014 this nice bust from Forged Monkey. Was much fun to paint …

Scottish Bones

Scottish Bones

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He’s living in a city of undeads. Where the bonish people has jobs and live together. They need a nightwatch, a nightwatch for the clock tower …. Feel free to vote on: